David Doubley developed a strong interest is photography in the early 70’s while pursuing a degree in electrical engineering at Wayne State University. Later after getting his engineering degree he applied to the arts school graduate program and obtained his M.A. degree in photography. Photography offered a striking mix of science and art that he pursues, as an advocate, to this day.

During the 70’s and 80’s he participated in numerous local and state of Michigan juried exhibitions, participated in group exhibitions, and has had one-man exhibitions. He has taught photography at all levels from children at community centers to classes at university.

Of particular interest is the work David has done to promote the very technical photographic process called dye transfer which is no longer supported by Kodak. He has self published a dye transfer manual, simply titled “The Dye Transfer Process” which many consider one of the most thorough on the process. For several years he taught two-week summer seminars, on dye transfer, on Martha’s Vineyard island, for the now defunct Martha Vineyard’s School of Photography.

As you will see from the web site David’s work is eclectic and varies from fine arts to commercial in his pursuit of self-expression. The work shown is representative of his total work. The work itself is a personal expression in photography and is not necessarily for sale as fixed works of art.